Profile - WJSales

Personal Details:

Name: Will James Sales

Committee Position: President


Instruments Played:

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar (6+7 String), Electric Bass (4+5 String), Mandolin, Vocals, Drums (basic rhythms)


As a musician I find it important to appreciate all genres of music, be it rap, hip hip, rock/metal, blues, country or jazz. Each style will provide new knowledge that you can incorporate into your playing which I believe is an important aspect of music as it helps define you as a player. My personal favorites are most genres of metal (especially progressive, swedish death, pop and hard alternative).

To name a few of my personal favorite bands/artists (which vary drastically) are as follows: Feared, George Ezra, Avatar, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Pantera, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Stone Sour, Tim Minchin and The Who


I have been in a number of bands that were purely for the fun of playing music as a group. My most successful band was The Pickups who are based in Weymouth/Dorchester - we have performed at various festivals, pubs and have even been on the local radio. I was most recently in a band called Blackbirds with Sahir Rehman, Penn-Lea Lim (later Kieran Murray) and Jon Baines.

I started acoustic back in year 4 (8 yrs old) and progressed steadily until I was asked if I'd like to move on to electric. I then made a focus on playing electric guitar with genres such as rock, and towards the end of year six I was listening to thrash metal. I joined the choir in secondary school to expand my vocal range and as well as playing in the orchestra (which is where I learnt to play the bass). I began playing mandolin because why not? It was originally part of a Duke of Edinburgh expedition aim to make music at each campsite.. but that went tits up and I now play it for amusement.


I am no longer a student of Southampton University, but will occassionally attend the jam sessions to see how thing are going.