Profile - TheBlackLizards

Personal Details:

Name: Sofi Dorman


Instruments Played:

Vocals reasonably well, acoustic guitar extremely badly. I'm also a shaky egg virtuoso.


I love my metal (black/death/NWOBHM/'gothic' metal) as well as folk music and contemporary classical music (read: the stuff they
play on Radio 3 in the middle of the night when no-one's listening). My favourite bands include Alcest, Wintersun, Bloodbath,
Emperor and Immortal. I've also given up pretending that I don't adore Bonnie Tyler.


I've been singing since aged 12 and was initially classically trained (I have Grade 8 ABRSM), but more recently I've been moving to a
more rock-oriented style. I've also had paid gigs as a musical theatre singer. My first band was the 'school rock band' when I was 16,
we played two songs and the sound was literally done by fourteen year olds. Since joining university I've become one of the vocalists for Hair Force One (metal covers of pop songs), the front lady of Winter Divine (symphonic/power metal), and I've done guest vocals a few times, notably as the female vocalist on Byk´┐Żrius' upcoming album (black metal). I've also been in several choirs over the years, and I study music as my degree.


I'm going into my third year so I'm probably going to be very busy, even if it is a humanities course! As a result I probably won't have time to commit to any more bands, but if you come up with something amazing/want to cover Judas Priest's 'Painkiller' in its entirety then I might be tempted! I'd love to put myself as a session/backing singer however, so feel free to get in touch!